crash when restarting the game

hi i have the full version and i have this problem
got the game installed on my desktop and laptop and got the same problem

when i perform a fresh new installation the game runs perfect (especially in my desktop) (in my laptop whenever i go to a restaurant) the graphics just dissapear and a black screen shows up with only the modifiers to health, happiness etc. appear)


when i quit the game for any reason and try to play again the game crashes at start (cant Find file sumthin like that appears but the file is right there

i was planning to backup my saves and using it on a fresh new installation but i dont know where the game stores the save games.

help me please.

Sorry i put the post in the wrong section
my bad

oh and By the way the “junior Doctor Job” is Wayyyyy to stressful i can never get rid of the stress to continue my studies in advanced medicine. Can this be fixed in a future patch?
i hope i made myself clear
english is not my native languague

Crashes on your laptop could be related to the resolution you’re running the game in.

As for the, I couldn’t find a file named that in mine; I did find a, though.