Crash when updating orders in combat (campaign)

Hi, just bought the expansions last night after a long hiatus and the game is crashing for me in campaign battles when I edit orders during combat. By crash I mean I see the dialog with “GSB.exe has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution to the problem.” This is not resolution related as I’m running at 1600x1200 and I can play normal battles just fine or at least I could before I downloaded the new bundle). It is not 100% reproducible, but in 3 out of 3 battles when I changed orders the game crashed on my (I was winning vs. those fleets, too!).

I’m running GSB through Steam on Windows 7. I only glanced at it, but I didn’t see anything particularly interesting in the debug.txt file. I am happy to email that file or whatever other diagnostics necessary. Thanks!

Is there a specific order(s) which causes it? Next time it crashes check the errors.txt file from during the crash. (Time is in GMT.) Sometimes even the most seemingly insignificant lines are the key.

Just tried again, the first thing I did was to remove a formation order and it crashed.

This looks more like something that would be a problem. From the end of errors.txt:

I’m tempted to try a full re-install of the game though I’d rather not lose my unlock progress.

edit: also it is entirely possible that this problem only occurs when removing an order.

Okay, SIM_TacticalModule is a special hidden module type which houses the ship’s AI. That seems to suggest that either means that you’re using an improperly coded module (I’ll admit to having done that), or the control AI is broken.

I haven’t modded anything. I’ll double check though, it is possible that I installed a mod when I was playing back when the game launched and just forgot about it.