The game seems to crash to desktop randomly without error messages.

I cant post the log file here, as I get an error every time I try to, the forum doesnt let me post it.

I cant turn off advanced text services for some reason.

The following is the menu I should get, but I dont have the input settings menu.

And the game doesnt start in Win95 mode.

are you using the latest video drivers for your card? have you made sure your PC is defragged, virus-free and spyware-free and has no other programs running? If so, what vidoe card does your PC have, and what drivers are you using for it. Is the game crashing when you select a specific option, or just when you are staring at the screen. If it happens without a mouse click its 100% a driver issue, as the game does nothing between input.

It happens occassionatly by clicking. But it is randomly determined what I click on. There can go hours and nothing happens. Then I click and it crash.

I am having no other problems and no spyware and so on.

I have 3 Ghz P4, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, 1 GB RAM, enough space, no firewall or protection programs.

Crash to desktop only happens with this game. I have a load of other games of which I have no problems with.

As I cant post the message here because I get an error message when I post the bug file, you can see it here:

Hi, unfortunately I can’t see anything in the log file that gives me a clue as to what is causing this crash.
Is there anything that is similar about the times you have the crash? is it always after a particular event for example?
The game does autosave its progress every turn (although most people probably don’t realise this) so if its not possible to track down the cause, you can always load the last autosave if it does crash out.

I have not noticed if it is any event. I have experienced crash just after being in the menu, other times after a turn. But it happens after I have clicked somewhere. But there doesnt seem to be a connection from what I have noticed.

It can happen at any time anywhere.

There seem to be an error in the Situation dot ce pe pe (I cant write the original file name as the forum doesnt allow filenames to be shown, get apache error) according to the log file. Have you checked your code?

The problem did not occour in the demo version, as of what I have played there. It could be because of luck, but could you please check the code in the demo and full?

i looked at the log, but those arent errors, just information and warnings, they happen in every run of the game. Sadly, this crash seems to be something that the game isn’t recognising, and its doesn’t occur on most systems either. very bizzare.

If you play it long enough you notice it.

Play it in about an hour. Dont just let it run and not touch it, as you will not recognize anything. Play it normally for about an hour, and then it crashes.

In the log it says “failed to find event influence”

I have noticed that when I try to start the game, it quickly crashes, I have to start it many times before it stays.

I think the bug that causes this instant crash when launching the game, could be related to the crash that happens when playing.

its not the event influence, thats just old data in one of the csv files. This is something more system-specific.

I would like to know what causes this game to crash randomly even when I start the game. Sometimes I have to start the game 5 times in a row before being lucky and having it to stay. Other times, I can get in the game, then I click on a country and it crashes.

Can you fix it?

It is very frustating.

Especially when I am lucky enough to get into a mission and then a message pops up and I am about to think about what option to chose, then it crashes, and I will have to start that turn over and over again, but with a new random event.

It happens when I click, an even pop up or just moving the mouse.

It never happens if I dont touch anything, but just moving my mouse causes the game to crash randcomly.

Please fix it. One turn can take a long time to figure out what to do, and if I have used 5 minutes or 10 minutes on figuring out my stragegy and the game then crashes then it gets very frustating to restart every round but with new random events.

unfortunately I don’t have any other users with this specific problem, so its extremely hard to track down. however, one solution might be for me to give you a ‘debug’ copy of the game, which should be less prone to such a problem, if you email me at cliff AT positech DOT co DOT uk, I’ll sort out a debug copy for you.

Email is sent.