My game keeps crashing, I am in the middle of play and it comes up “End Program” or “Check for online solutions” why is this? Any suggestions? :imp:

Are you using mods?

And, when exactly does it happen, on the main screen, quarterly report, etc, etc.

Yes I am useing mods and it happens usually after the quartly update yes, after you press the quartly arrow ‘thing’ and review the quartly update dilemmas etc than about 10 seconds after it crashes. :question:

Which mods?

Maybe try disabling the mods, or re-installing?

Erm quite a few, all of Tomphil’s ‘dem1 into dem2’ nation mods and a few dilemmas. I am wanting to add some new policies but I am hopeless at modding, infact I don’t even know how.

Right I’ll try re-installing them, man this is going to take a while :laughing: best get cracking.

If you want any policies added, shoot over to my ‘policy requests’ thread in the Dem2 modding fourms.

Im willing to add new policies, but im out of ideas :neutral_face:.

Its still crashing, mainly when I select something; usually a voter group. :imp:

Someone else reported something similar here

I would love to track this down. if you have a saved game that you can load, and then 100% reproduce that clicking a certain group crashes it, I can debug it and fix it if you email me the save.

Ok, I will send a link of the saved game:


So what can you do Cliff?

Just for my 2 cents, this is a bug that has also been affecting my saved games. The voter groups work fine until I save a game, re-load it and then try to click on them.

Damn, that saved game is from an older version. Has anyone got a save game from the current version that does this? and if so, can you let me know which voter group, and the exact steps to make it crash. Its probably an easy fix if I can see it happen in a debugger on my machine, but I haven’t been able to replicate it yet.
Ideally, you would have a game where you can start democracy 2 afresh, load in the save, click a voter group and see it crash.

Actually, after having checked with different nations, this problem is only occurring with ‘real’ nations added after installing the core game. It is not happening (on my system anyway) with the pretend nations. So it doesn’t seem to be a fault with the game itself.

Maybe it is something to do with editting the mission text file?