I have had 2 freezes (played 3times) of the game without a clear reason in the newest version (didn’t have any in version 1.0). Happily the autosave works.

Eeek, that’s version 1.03?
On windows, Mac or Linux?

The crashes / freezes I encountered are probably linked to the “accomplishments window” not showing up on top of everything else.
I had freezes (3 or 4 times now) when the “applause”-sound of an “accomplishment” was playing in the background, without me actually seeing the window, and without being able to click / continue with the current window in front. (So I killed D3 with the task-manager. EDIT: hm. just noticed that the “applause”-sound plays always when winning the election - so it might not be the “accomplishment” window popping up.

Two or 3 times it was right after an election: there was no “continue” button (I don’t remember the actual name of the button after winning the election) to click on after the votes where counted.
And one time the window in front was a policy that I had changed too often (pollution standards) affording me the “flip-flop”-accomplishment. After freezing for maybe 20 or 30 sec I began using the task-manager again and trying to shift-tab to cycle in and out of D3 and then it suddenly continued working - thus I was able to find out what accomplishment it was… - because now it showed up correctly on top of the policy screen I had open at that time.

If you read the last edit of my posting in the other thread (about the game being too easy (in the “proposed changes”,-thread)), this is sort of a double-posting.