Crashes and bugs when browsing online challenges

When I’m browsing online challenges, frequently the “details” button to open a challenge actually opens the wrong challenge, and sometimes it causes the game to crash.

(I can tell it’s the wrong challenge because the number of attempts doesn’t match the information from the challenge list. Also, sometimes I revisit challenges that I’ve already tried - and I can recognise that it’s the wrong one.)

I find that I can reliably make the game crash simply by repeatedly opening and closing the details of any challenge on the list. The first time I open it, it is the correct challenge, but subsequent clicks open different challenges (despite clicking the same ‘details’ button from the same challenge on the list); and eventually the game crashes (usually after around 4 open / close cycles).

If I use the ‘refresh list’ button every time before opening any challenge details, then the game works correctly. (i.e. if I use ‘refresh list’ before opening any challenge details, then the details will be for the correct challenge and the game will not crash - but if I don’t refresh the list, then there will be bugs after the first challenge I look at.)