Crashes, crashes and more crashes.

Yep, game is crashing. A lot. A LOT.


2.6ghz Core2
4gb 800mhz DDR2 RAM
Windows XP
ATI 4870HD 512mb

The crashes are more or less completely random btw.

Edit: I’m going to start updating this post every time it crashes.

  1. Crashed when alt-tabbing back into it. I think I was on the main menu.
  2. Just crashed when I tried to overwrite a ship design. Something about a missing ship design or some such.
  • If I try to do the first challenge, place any number or configuration of ships, and then save it, it crashes. Hasn’t happened on user made challenges.

This isn’t very helpful. Either don’t post at all or provide information that will actually be useful.

  • Are the crashes occuring when you attempt to start a “Fight”, during the “Fight”, when you are registering your key?
  • Can you upload a screenshot?
  • Are there any errors reported in your errors.txt file found within c:\program files\gratuitousspacebattles\debugdata?

Thanks for the info…

No really, what use was that? It’s a beta, yes a real beta as opposed to a product demonstration. There are crashes, simply telling us they are there does not help to identify them and their cause.

“I don’t know why” crash reports are helpful, but mostly only if you send the debug files to the developer so they can see what code actually threw the exceptions, etc.

This welcoming is as bad as forumfall. Shame on you 3. Flaming a newbie like that.

Ever thought that maybe I don’t know what useful information he might want?


I should point out, that’s hardly all the crashes. I’ve started editing the OP with every crash.

Its good of you to update the tread with useful information. However, you can’t fault me for reacting like that when you post a topic that is little more than, “zomg it crashes!!!”.

If you turn off ‘menu battle’ under options, go back to the main menu, then exit and restart the game, is this then fixed?

Nah, turned them off already. I’m getting tons of crashes that seem to be for different reasons.

Like the latest one, something about a missing ship design or some such.

there is a current crash bug relating to playing against challenges that have been uploaded in a corrupt state. However, a new game, that has been fought against the existing singleplayer missions should not be crashing at all. Is that happening to you? If so, have you tried disabling everything on the options screen (all the checkboxes). That might indicate that its a specific visual effect causing problems.

How was his response flaming in even the loosest sense of the word? Rather than making excuses, learn from your mistake and be helpful?