Crashes so far

I’ve seen that other people are having trouble with getting the first mission to work, when I turn off all the sounds sliders it still crashes before it reaches the loading screen, when I put it in windowed mode and all the sound is off it crashed as soon as my fleet arrives, then crashed as the next time as soon as I hit the fight button. When I tried to save over a ship with the same name and no changes it crashed, not sure if the no changes part matters. Are there any more fixes besides the audio turn off and the windowed mode?

Disable ‘Menu Battle’ in Game Options.

Okay, so when I use the fleet that the mission starts with it seems to work, but when I try to use the fleet I made it just crashes.

Can you provide a few details about the fleet you made?
Did you redesign some ships? Just add more default ones?

A Buffalo Cruiser Hull, four Fox Frigate Hulls and two Leopard Fighter Squadrons. The Foxes have four frigate pulse lasers, shield generator mk ii, power generator mk ii, 2 crew quarters mk ii and 3 mk iii engines. The Leopard has a mk iii engine, a mk iii power generator a fighter pulse and a fighter torperdo. The Buffalo has a lot of stuff on it :stuck_out_tongue: Do you need the detail on it too?

There are maybe a few threads dealing with crashes from ship design/deployment here, you might try looking at one of those threads.
Can you provide any information on the error?

For example, does it look like this? It probably won’t be exactly this error since you turned your sound off, but it could be a similar looking error dialog box.

Does it just crash to desktop with no error messages? Does it freeze your computer?

GSB.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s the one that sends error reports back to microsoft about crashing programs if you let it, I believe it’s essentially windows force quitting the program because it stopped responding. So no, it doesn’t look like that.

It looks like this but for BSG: … orting.jpg

I found a fix in another thread where as long as you have your sound off, your screen windowed AND you don’t save your formation it works. Thanks for the help though!

Glad the suggestion of searching other threads worked for you, can you possibly link the exact thread where you found this solution, for future forum goers who may encounter the same problems? =)