Crashing in year 2014

Hey, bought the game tonight and I enjoy it quite a bit. But I keep running into what I’m guessing is a bug. It seems like that every time I get a high paying job (Around 60,000), the game will crash. From there, when I load the autosave, it’ll crash every time I try to go to the next day. I can salvage the saved game by loading the autosave then backing out to the main menu and saving in another slot and then loading the new save but when I do that, I lose my job. Is this happening with anyone else or is it just me?

Nobody else has reported this. could you send me the savegame by email (cliff AT positech dot co dot uk) and let me know what steps crash it?
The savegame files are in the mydocuments\kudos\savegames folder. they are ‘xml’ files.

I would but I got around it by not taking the highest paying jobs and finished the 10 years. I’m about to head to bed but when I get off of work tomorrow, I’ll recreate what happened and send the save to you as soon as I can.