Crashing Issues


So… long story short…decided to learn some new programming skills… played the demo of Kudos2, Democracy and GSB with a view to purchasing.
Read loads on here as well.

Decided on Kudos 2… older game… simpler for a “rookie” like me to try and understand how its put together.

Bought, Paid for, downloaded, installed… yesterday. (vers 1.9 I believe)

Played for several hours on a Windows 7 HP laptop. Absolutely no issues… All worked fine.

So today… attempted my first simple mod…again, no issues… to my amazement it worked.
Carried on for a while modding this and that… got myself in a pickle and ruined the CSV I was working on at the time.
Thought I would save time and effort and just recopy the CSV file new and start over.

Did this…game now crashes.
Deinstalled and reinstalled… same crash
Deinstalled and reisntalled demo… same crash
Deisnatlled and reinstalled bought copy… same crash
All over the above again with deleting the config files and saved games from the my docs saved games area… same crash.

restored my system to prior to the crashes occuring…
Then reinstalled the lot again… same crash…

So… I am seriously stumped as to why everything worked just fine and then didnt… and why a clean fresh install wont fix the problem.

Error message is:- “Missing Global variable:…\src\SIM_GlobalVariables.cpp 40” or similar every time.
It happens when you do one of threee things.
1:) Start the tuturial
2:) Try and retore last saved game (when there was one, prior to me removing those files.)
3:) Just after character creation right after the “It was my 20th Birthday message” when you hit the button to continue.

Any ideas… anyone?

I am settled in with a beer and planned to play abit more with the modding aspects… but atm I have a broken “fresh” game that wont play out the box… let alone after i have screwed it up!

help pls…

P.s. Great games btw… all of the ones I have seen thus far.


It was so simple in the end.
Cant believe I spent 4 hours trying to fix it, plus this message just to find the issue.

Run the program as an administrator.
Thats it…

God knows why it had decided to work fine for 12hrs then decided it needed admin rights… anyhow… all fixed for now…Sorry to have bothered you:P

Howdy LIttlegem!

I must say your situation seems a bit odd: I’ve seen random crashes but I’ve not seen any fixed by running as administrator :slight_smile:

Just wondering where you have the game installed that might have some weird administrative access rights (Program Files?).

If you need help/suggestions on things I’m happy to assist. I’ve done a bit of modding myself and there’s a wealth of info in the forums.


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Got it running and stable once more.
Enjoying the modding experience.

A couple of questions?

Is there anyway of changing the background graphic depending on the job you are doing?
and equally is there anyway of doing it for a solo or social event?

I have modded some restaurants but I am keen to see if I can adapt normal social activity graphics without having to rely on the restaurant scripts to do it.
The only one I could see that was different is the nightclub and although it has a custom background… I could find no mention of it being called in any of the various scripts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?


Hmmm, interesting questions. I’ve only seen 1 call to the background and that’s on load to a hard-coded filename. So if you want the background changed you can change the JPG, but seemingly not through an event. If Cliffski has added that feature I don’t believe he used it, so I would assume he didn’t. It might be possible to change your avatar’s clothing based on job, but I haven’t looked into that at all, so perhaps not.

After some experimenting I’d say the “nightclub” event is hardcoded to change the background for “Social Events” of type “NIGHTCLUB”. Running that social event will only point towards the “Nightclub.jpg”, which means even if you want to create a new nightclub (say, a metal club) you will have to stick to the same background (however you could still change the music played).

I believe the restaurant script would be required to bring the restaurant’s menu up, otherwise you wouldn’t need the script, so making a “restaurant” that doesn’t call it seems unlikely, but good luck :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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I also had purchased the game through Greenhouse and couldnt find a patch, so I tried re-downloading the install. That worked to patch the game for me. I made a backup of the old directory, but I dont think that will be necessary. It didnt delete my saved game, and I was able to continue playing it. The upgraded version fixed the bugs I was encountering before the upgrade with the same game.