Crazy Torpedoes?

I think this is a feature, not a bug, but I don’t understand this feature!

Occasionally I see torpedoes go kind of crazy - wobbling and jigging, not hitting anything, like they’re being jammed? Is that possible? Do ECM modules do that?

Yeah, the ECM weapon zaps em and they go crazy. You should be able to see the beams on the missiles and then they’ll veer off.

Yeah, this is not the “ECM Shock” but I think the anti missile ECM beam?

That would suggest things like the target painter would help torpedoes.

Yup this is the ECM beam. Effectively its a Point Defense weapon, but it scrambles the missiles rather than blasting them. It does the same basic job though. Of course, it does mean I could add ‘shielded’ missiles later on that aren’t affected by it… :smiley:

Or how about a module that provides shielding/tracking for the missiles. Maybe even a modified target painter? You could then even add laser-guided missiles: dumb-fire rockets unless they’re getting a target lit-up for them.