Creating new Classes and Jobs, plus other questions

Hi all, been reading around the forum and I mostly have an idea how to do this, hope someone is around to answer some of my additional questions though.

I’ve successfully created new Evening Classes by adding lines to the eveningclasses.csv file and just copy-pasting the existing values, then modifying them. It was easy since I just added a few more language classes and I plan to compliment this with new jobs.

The thing is, the classes I added and the existing ones I modified called for very specific stat changes since I’m trying to build a “universe” around my game. One example would be going to French classes would decrease your sobriety since in my “story” the French teacher is a drunk and his classes always have wine available (and is sometimes mandatory as part of the class). Culture also increases, etc.

Modifying the descriptions were easy, as is adding additional strings (ApplyEffect and the strings.ini file), but then I realized in the game that although everything worked fine the “window” that pops up when you take your classes does not reflect the additional stat changes (increase/decrease).

I looked around for the image files and located some .dds extension files. I opened the “class” named files in Photoshop but they were just blank white backgrounds. I wonder if it’s a glitch in the conversion or if it’s something that cannot be modded. Though, I opened some other .dds files and they showed up with recognizable images just fine.

Questions regarding Classes:

  1. I believe that there is a default Decrease: Loneliness and Increase: Excitement, for all classes. Is there no way to bypass this? I can’t seem to find these supposed default values, if they exist. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.
  2. Adding to the stat changes descriptions besides the ‘default’ Decrease: Loneliness and Increase: Excitement, . It’ll be hard to keep track of which class increases or decreases what if they’re not shown up-front. I don’t want to abandon this since it has great potential world-building wise. Classes and Jobs are only the first step.
  3. I created the new classes by editing the eveningclasses.csv and strings.ini in tandem (adding or modifying values as necessary). No bugs or crashes so far, although I haven’t tested thoroughly yet. I want to know if this is enough or if I missed some other steps with this.
  4. Morning weekend classes. Are they possible?
  5. These things (underlined):

Questions regarding Jobs:

  1. How to create the Ads.
  2. Will add more when I’ve finished creating Classes.

Additional questions:

  1. Completely forgot. Will get back to this.

Some details:

  1. My OS is Windows 7 64bit with (I hope) latest drivers and such.
  2. I used Photoshop CS3 with NVIDIA DDS Plug-in to open the .dds files.
  3. Microsoft Excel to edit the .csv files and Notepad for other strings files. (Depended on what was the default, really.)
  4. Playing a copy of Kudos 2 v1.09.
  5. Installed SomeGuyInABikini’s MegaMiniMod 1.01, with originals backed-up. Just bought a copy today so I still have my original installer if needed.
  6. Tested modifications with and without mods with same results.

Anyone? :frowning:

I’m checking here occasionally, if anyone wants to reply but fear I won’t be able to see it. Feedback is greatly appreciated.