Creating Ship Classes

As far as I’ve seen, that seems to be a pretty long shot for a mod, and I crashed the game twice trying. Is it even possible at this time?

I seem to remember cliffski saying that the classes were hardcoded into the game, but I’m not sure if that’s correct.

would explain that crazy crash i had. ah well. I can work around class limitations with tweaking and custom modules.

I also have tried to do this and have not had any sucess.

What i did, is within the three main classes (fighters/frigates/cruisers) you have light medium and heavy hulls.
Changing the power production, hull bounus, sizes,number of turrets to module slots you sorta end up with more classes.

yeah, i pretty much agree. though this is all the more easier since I’m just making an addon. Creating a new species was way easier than anticipated.

GSB is really easy to mod

The more time you put into your mod the more you will get out.
I spent around 4 months on my mod - i am happy with the result.