Creative XF-I -- Audio issues -- very distorted xplosions

Great little game, no doubt about it. I only have one issue. Every time there is an explosion during a battle, the sound gets extremely distorted. Sounds almost like static or something being overdriven.

My system:

P4 3.06 HT
1 gig pc4200
Nvidia 9800GT
Creative XF-I platinum - Drivers from 2008 as latest cause non stop blue screen crashes.


Hmm sounds like a bit of a dodgy piece of sound driver there. Windows normally gives you tons of options to enable or disable features on sound cards. Personally, i tend to turn off all of them and just let them act as vanilla sound cards, which seems to maximise compatibility. Might be worth a try.

Or if you have an option to switch between gaming, music creation and entertaiment audio modes, try switching to one and then to back at the first one.

This usually solves my problems with distorted audio or audio which doesn’t even play. I think it’s hardware bug or serious software flaw but this keeps happening to me.

I have Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty sound card and it for real randomly just turns the audio into very distorted one or just makes my winamp not to play any audio at all. I just switch the mode and I hear a some sort of pop and then switch back and the audio plays again.

This could be the issue with you too.