Crime and the Military

I think crime could be really expanded. For example

You should be able to decide where to put your police forces.
If there are large numbers of inner city riots and street gangs in cities then if you build gated communities you can put in large numbers of police in those communities to make the rich or middle class fell safe but the poor would still hate you and people’s fear of crime will go down and so business in middle class communities will rise and the economy won’t be as badly affected by crime.

Or if you have a situation like Massive Inner City riots then you should be able to send in Troops to calm the area down. Then you would have to start a Inner City redevelopment policy if you want them cleaned up. As far as the army goes you would only be able to send in as many as you have set for in your Military budget. So if you only have 500 troops for ceremonies you won’t be able to do anything but if you have an Overwhelming force you could use the military to stop all crime. Of course this option is expensive and once you take the troops away and back to the reserves the crime can come back if you didn’t put in a large enough police force or have proper prisons.

And Riots and such should have different levels of severity. So if it’s just one city in your country it would only take a small increase in police funding for that area. But if it’s a Nationwide riot Bizana then you need to raise National Police funding up or send in the military which can deal with the problem faster. But if you send in the military the consequences are

Good: Conservative, Middle Class, Patriot, Parents
Bad: Poor, Minorities, City dwellers

And the level of force you tell your army to use also determines how large these effects are. So if you tell your army to kill every rioter the Bad ones will hate you and the Good ones will find your severity fighting. But you just say arrest the rioters and the operation goes well the Good will like you more and the Bad will appreciate your efforts.

With drugs you should be able to decide how much government regulation and taxation there is also.

And like in real life if I add a lot of cops but the prison system is crappy then you won’t get good results. The same should be for the game. If you have lots of cops, cctv cameras, armed police but a broken prison system and minimum dead penalty then crime should still be a problem in some forms.

Also I know the name of the game is Democracy but every democracy in the world isn’t far per say look at China. So I think that there should be more options when it comes to “crime” on the political front. So you could have a task force that elimates different points of view.
Also I think as far as War’s go you should be able to start war with any other playable country. But of course like in real life the outcome will vary from nation to nation that you take on. If you invade a place like Afghanistan with a large force then the invasion will be easy but keeping it will be hard. Also you should be able to choose how your soldiers fight. You can choose anti insurgents, to slavery of the people to full genocide. Of course taking the negative options will have bad international results and another nation might interne or place sanitations on your economy which would hurt the GDP. You could use that to your advantage with government propaganda about the war and that would help keep public moral up, which also comes into play.