Crime Bug in game

I was playing as the prime minister of Australia and one of my promises was to reduce violent crime by 15%. I increased spending on the police force by a very small amount and increased spending on community involvment by a small amount. I clicked next and in my manifesto list it stated that crime rose by 2965% !!
How is this possible when I increased police spending and community involvement?

I tried the next few turns at increasing police, arming police, CCTV and othe things and each turn crime increased! At one point it said that crime increased by 298708%

And oddly enough I recieved a message for a crime free utopia while my manifesto was stating that crime had risen by thousands of percent! When it came to election time, voters were angry because I hadn’t fullfilled my promise and I lost the election.

So is this some sort of bug? Has anyone else experienced this? How do you win an election when you produce a crime free utopia but your manifesto says you have increased crime by thousands of percent?

Also I bought my game at another site and didn’t discover this site until I was trying to find a patch to my crime bug problem. Does this mean that I never will get updates for the game because I bought it at another site? If so, that upsets me! I paid my money for the game and I am entitled to updates. How do I get the version that can be updated?

I did notice that crime seems to increase instead of decreasing sometimes…

Hi, it might be a calculation bug when crime is literally at zero, meaning that even a very negligible rise is going to be some insane percentage.
You have the latest version of the game, there have not been any major updates since the game was put on sale through third party websites. Its always preferable to buy direct from the developer though, because third party publishers are an extra step involved in getting updates released, so they can take a long time to filter through to them.