Crime of apology to Fascism, Nazism and Communism in the game

Hello community! in update 1.27 Italy happily came out. As an Italian, I know that in Italy there is a crime where it forbids outsourcing to fascism and Nazism. But today I learned that Communism is forbidden in certain former Soviet countries (Bans on communist symbols - Wikipedia). So in the game there should be a non-fundamental law (= that cannot be removed) but a law that can be removed that puts (banned fascism, banned Nazism, banned communism, fascism, Nazism and banned communism)

As an icon since it is a delicate subject you will certainly not be able to put Nazi-fascist or communist symbols (bundle, swastikas, sickles and hammer)
but for example only a hammer and an eagle and above these a symbol of prohibition.

That’s all, let us hear you if you have things to say (especially about the icon that I don’t really know what to reverse me by not putting illegal symbols but also of the “formation” of the options of the law). Expect a comment from Cliff too if he can :slight_smile:

See you later!

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