Cruiser defense laser -not firing at all!


Can anyone confirm that their cruiser defense laser is actually firing?

By the way -this game is awesome! Cheers


what do you mean? of course it fires. it’s beam just doesn’t last very long, and not every shot is a perfect hit. so if you think its not firing… look again. :confused:


It’s small and green, I am pretty sure it will work.


yeah. after all, what’s small and green and DOESN’T work? :smiley:


brocolli :smiley:


other than gross foods like that? :smiley:


Well some would say they pity tha’ foo that’s small n’ green. Like me. Just look at mah pretty picture on the far side there. Ahs small, Ahs green, and I don’t go mixin’ up mah words like that guy who reckons he’s 900 years old or somethin’.


/me likes the I-RO-NY