Cruiser O.K., fighter fail?

I have been doing a bit of work with my new race, and I have found that either GSB simply doesnt like my graphics for my fighter or something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

So I make a race, few errors and I fix them all up.

Give it a single cruiser to start with.

Works fine.

Then I make fighter.

Fighter appears as it should when entering, but instantly transforms into white box once the hyperdrive or whatever disengages. I already check, and it is not the modules, even the modded ones, because I checked it with even a single fighter engine 1.

Not worky worky.

So I try copypasting the text from the cruiser to the fighter, and changing the graphics, and it works perfectly. Then, when I try making it smaller, and turning it into a fighter, it does the same thing.

Anyone got any ideas?

Can anyone help?

That’s because the code for fighters is slightly different from cruisers and frigates. I explained more or less how it works here.
Also, I recommend having a look at the code of existing fighters :slight_smile:

P.S. You’ll get a faster answer about modding related problems if they are posted in the modding forum instead of the support forum. Not all modders look this forum.