CSV File Editing

#,Police1,Meter Maid,Parking Attendant,Meter Maid,Slough Police Dept.,Parking Lot,security,13000,15000,N/A,0,1.0,0.1,0,#,confidence,iq,_energy,#,“iq,0.35”,“fitness,0.6”,“kickboxing,0.2”,#,“tiredness,0.15,_TIRED_DEGRADE”,“stress,0.22,_STRESS_DEGRADE”,“fitness,0.07,0.2”,“xp_police,0.01,JOBXP_DEGRADE”,

Could someone tell me what i’ve done wrong?

Because I get this error:


At a very quick glance, maybe the comma at the end ??
Will run it locally to see what’s what.

Ran it OK … but got rejected coz I was a miserable effer :unamused: 8) :confused: :open_mouth: