.csv problem

If I try to safe any .csv files I get a message saying: blabla.csv may contain functions that are not compatible with .csv files!

how do I solve this?

thanks in advance!

if you have used excel, and you have moved any of the column sizes, excel gets upset about it. Just say you dont care and save it as csv anyway :smiley:

then it gets even more upset and places rows A,B,C etc. all in row A and messes up the game!

excel is evil. it really wants you to save it as xls and not a csv. make sure its comma delimited, not tab delimited.
Or edit them using notepad, that will work, although its a lot harder ;(

You can use CSVed,freeware editor made for .csv files only.
It has many interesting features that make editing easier.

Below is the download link:


okay thanks a lot for the help, CSVed works!