CTD in "online" and a couple of usability issues

In the Online section (enter your key/username), clicking on “Registration Code” results in a crash to desktop.

Actually entering your reg code is also difficult as copy/paste doesn’t work. CTRL + V just results in “v” being entered. It’s kinda difficult copying a 13-digit number from an email when you have to keep jumping between game and browser.

Also, on install, I selected not to add a start menu icon (I think, anyway :P) and ended up with no desktop icon. That one’s probably my error but thought I’d mention it anyway!

Other than that, I’m loving the game. It’s cool fun and quite possibly the most professional and finished looking “beta” anything I’ve ever used.

If you click on the “Registration Code” button without a code entered you currently will get a crash. It looks like Cliffski forgot to put a handler for no entry in that field and gets a null reference exception at some point. He is aware of this issue

An other comment on that page : when pressing shortly once a key, you sometimes have 3 or 4 characters being printed. It fells like instead of having a delay before the key, if being pressed for a long time repeats itself, there is a timer on a loop : you sometimes press the key a long time before it triggers, so your key is printed once as you expect. Sometimes you press the key just before the timer triggers, and you have tons of letters coming.

Also, on the screen, that auto repeat of the key could simply be removed (if that’s easiest to do and maintain afteward…). It does bring anything for the type of text which has to be entered here.

One more thing: when in-game, pressing ESC quits the current game. An “Are you sure you want to quit?” would be nice.

@viper34j. I’m talking about the big “Registration Code” image above the text box, not the submit button itself. Clicking the image CTDs regardless of whether a code is entered or not.

Agreed, as well as on the deployment screen.


I wonder if upon accessing the Online page the text field for the Online Reservation key is the focus. And then when you click off the field there is a OnFocusLost event that attempts to validate the non-existent key.

Just a guess.