CTD with "Error:..\src\SIM_BeamLaserComponent.cpp 79"

2nd mission, on “Defence”, with scripted attack. A small beam turret was under attack (had lost shields and was somewhere in structure) when I right clicked to sell. Sometime later (unsure if it was on completion of the sell timer or before that) the game crashed with:

“Error:.\src\SIM_BeamLaserComponent.cpp 79”

It could have been that the turret was blown up before sale, but I won’t hold myself to that.

Edit: I’ve changed the topic title, since it’s not removal-related as the original said.

encountered this bug as well, situation is below

battle was the first map
unit on field were all default except for one turret with heavy laser beams
most of the attacking units on field were infantry and ambulance
don’t think it’s on removing turret as I never removed turrets so far and that still happened

hope it helps

gj cliff btw, loving the game so far


Thanks, life is so much simpler when there is a code line number to start investigating from :smiley: