Culture and IQ of over 100%?


Pretty new to the game but I love it.

Got my IQ and culture up to 100% (although they keep dropping quite fast, do you really loose culture and IQ in only a week’s time?). My problem is that my friends move in even more intelligent and cultured circles. They have friends who keep refusing my invitations because they have culture and IQ rates of over 100% (up to 109%…).

How can anyone have more than 100% IQ and culture rate? And if they have that, how can I achieve the same? They keep being arrogant :imp:. I haven’t found out how I can get to there level so they will mingle with me.

Three of these friends of friends have the same family name. I am inclined to think they are family (brothers, sisters) and am wondering if it would help knowing one of them to be able to socialize easier with his/her sister/brother?

Anyone any idea?

Funny thing: The hospital I work in keeps changing in address as with every new job at the same hospital, the hospital is at a different distance from my home…

the hospital has various sites across the city :smiley:

I too am having issues with snots that have culture of 103 and 108 percents >_< My own IQ and culture don’t drop, but I think that I modded that, I can’t remember.

I have no idea how you got your 1q to 100%, do tell because I have tried and have never been able to do so.

Secondly popularity and kudos may also be an issue here, even if they say you’re not smart enough for them to hang around with you having lots of friends and/ or having a high amount of kudos(say 80-100 or more) may just get them more interested in them, try to get both happening and then see if they will hang out with you.

My IQ and culture are both 100% as well. I read the encyclopaedia, and The History of Everything, plus in the surf the net options used political and the puzzle to get reasoning and problem solving to their max.

For culture, by the time I’m done with IQ, USUALLY the only thing that I really need to work on is lit, and I just read war and peace for that. It takes major effor to get them that high.

Well thanks for letting me know, usually I find I don’t need my IQ to be higher than 70 or 80% for the game, it’s most important when it comes to certain jobs and I’ve never found one that expects more than around those amounts to get them. As for the other issue try my advice and see if it works, then again if it doesn’t you can just not bother with them. There’s other ways of meeting new people, jogging, doing classes, even just going out shopping or sometimes you’ll end up meeting one one day at work. Also eventually if a friend invites you out enough with another friend(s) of theirs that friend(s) will get close enough to you to become one of yours.

I have no idea how you got your 1q to 100%, do tell because I have tried and have never been able to do so.

Pb solving: play chess, make crosswords or cryptos in the broadsheet newspaper, visit the puzzle site on your laptop
Knowledge (IQ): watch the news on tv (you’ll need to do this regularly, otherwise the IQ level drops quickly)
Logic: play sudoku, play games on the games console
Reasoning: follow the political debates on your laptop

I have never noticed any difference in frequenting highly intelligent people.

Strategy: I usually start with sudoku, because it is cheap and it reduces tiredness and stress. Chess is my 2nd focus (also a good strategy to acquire a new friend who likes to play chess as well, as it is one of the few activities you can do with other people for free). Later on I usually buy the newspaper and do some puzzles but it is not really necessary for your IQ if you play chess regularly. When I can afford it, I buy a games console, more to eliminate stress than to raise IQ. Playing a game eliminates stress totally for a least 2 days. At the end of the game, when I have more money (supposedly…) I buy the laptop and follow the political debates. At that time I also start to watch the news on tv. For some jobs your IQ is important, but the knowledge level drops quickly. It is easier to keep your IQ at a certain level with the other 3 sections. It is of little use to keep your knowledge high in the beginning of the game as the info becomes outdated all the time and you have to watch tv again to keep it up.

Knowledge (Culture): you watch the Arts Show on tv
The Arts: go to the theatre, ballet, opera etc. (I’m not sure if going to the movies increases this as well)
Literature: read novels, that is literature and not pulp fiction

Playing an instrument is supposed to slightly raise culture as well, although I’ve never actually seen it happen… I haven’t seen any change when going to a concert (pop, rock, jazz…). Perhaps listening to music isn’t considered as culture in this game?
I have never experienced any difference in frequenting highly cultured people.

Strategy: I start with the cheap books (which also contain less pages, but you can sell them once read at half the price). Reading makes your stress and tiredness level go down. The Arts section cost a lot of money but you will raise this level throughout the game when socializing. Halfway though the game I start looking at the arts channel on tv, (but by that time my Knowledge already is pretty high, so I think it is raised by some other factor as well).

It would be nice to have an indication of the daily expenditures (newspaper, cleaning service, gym, bus etc.). I regularly have unpleasant surprises in the weekend when I use up a lot of money on socializing. I never know if what is left over is enough to cover my daily expenditure. If it is not some of the goods or services disappear (at half the price…).

I was registered at your forum. I have printed the test message. Do not delete, please.

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