Cure Rating

Hey all

Can anyone help me out and explain how cure rating works. What drives it? it seems arbitrary to me. If I’m the only Corp making a drug, no side effects, market is not saturated and there is still I high demand for it, then why would my Drug’s Cure Rating be an “E”. The only thing I see that is negative, is the ingredient is heavily saturated.

It all has to do with the strength of the drug and it’s side effects. If the drug you are producing has a low strength, it won’t be curing many people, and so it won’t have a very good rating. People don’t like side effects, so if those are present it will drive the rating down.

Essentially, the better the drug, the more people it cures, the better rating itwill have, the more money you will make.

Ahh I see, so I guess it does pay to run drugs “thru” the Analyzer.

Thanks Omni

Go to your company page and mouse over the cure ratings.

The rating goes up and down over time depending on the effectiveness of the drug (and its side-effects).

Meaning your drugs don’t necessarily work 100% of the time when administered.

It determines the price (besides demand/saturation) via quality of the drug.