Cure Tree for "intermediate" scenarios

Is the Cure Tree for “intermediate” scenarios published/explained anywhere?

I was replaying some challenges (Show Me The Money) and was surprised the “Skin” line stopped at level 2 (“prevents acne”), even though that line goes to level 3 in ‘full’ scenarios (“Hair Loss”).

The scenarios.dat file has “maxCureLevel”:3 for intermediate scenarios, but there are other lines that go well past level 3 (I have level 4 for Digestion, Liver,and Pain … plus Digestion shows me upgrade for level 5) so I don’t understand why Skin stops there at level 2.

On the Production tab, hovering over “Prevents Acne” in my drug shows “cannot upgrade”.

Unlocked/Full cure trees of Skin and Relaxant both max out at 3, but in my game I have 3rd level for Relaxant (“Reduces Anxiety”), but Skin doesn’t show the 3rd level.

Why is that?

That particular cure requires the Atomic Sequencer which is not available in that scenario. There’s like a double disable - a flat one based on cure level but then an extra one that hides cures that it is impossible to make due to disabled research.

Thanks, that makes some sense.
So, it looks like both sequencer and hadron are disabled for this scenario, so that would limit:
Sequencer: Acne to Hair Loss, cancer symptoms to multiplesclerosis
Hadron: Aids to HIV, and multiplesclerosis to cancer vaccine (already cut off by sequencer)

That leaves the only other line w/ 5 level cures as “psychological”.
I could get to level 4 “schizophrenia” but it stops there (Doesn’t show “alzheimers”). I’m not sure if that is because the entry
cut it off, or b/c “alzheimers” needs 5 dot catalyst and it is disabled.

In summary I think for these scenarios, the following are disabled:
Skin - level 3 "hairloss
Infection- level 5 - “HIV”
BodyResponse - level 4 and 5 - "multiplesclerosis " and “cancer vaccine”
Psychological - level 5 - “Alzheimers”