Cures Tab Needs to Show Active Concentration Range

Right now the cures page only shows the concentration needed to upgrade a cure, not the conc. needed to activate the effect. During the lategame I find myself having to scroll around my factory to check what machines I need to build for t2 & t3 cures. This is especially annoying on some missions like megacure where I want to find out which concentration ranges overlap.

Adding the active ranges onto the cure page after the name (eg. Painkiller 5-12 :flask:) would be a great quality of life improvement.

I also find this very annoying. It is impossible to see in advance what the active effect ranges of the lv 1+ cures are, even though this is not a variable. I would also like to see this information in a single page like on the cures tab.

This is one of the bigger niggles I have with the game atm. I have more fun and a smoother play experience when I have a spreadsheet showing the cure upgrades up on my second monitor; this information really needs to be presented better in the game. In fact since the upgrade paths are always the same, is there any reason not to have the cures page filled out at the start of the game? I can see the argument that it hurts the sense of discovery a bit, but after a few games I imagine players will know which cures to go for from the start.

Another change I think would be welcome is highlighting the cures I am producing when the cures tab is up; the company tab shows the number exported per month but the columns are not currently sortable.

I think the ranges should be shown after you produced the cure one time. Additionally the analyzer could research the concentrations and the whole upgrade path for each ingredient (even if you haven’t reached the upgrades yet). That way there is still a sense of discovery but no annoyance and the analyzer would be a useful tool! With such a change it would also be possible to randomize the concentrations for each game because you would have a way to research and plan everything.

I fully agree that the Cure-page should show the stuff you are producing right now.

I agree!

Currently when I start to make tier 2+ cures, I usually have to set up an entire section of my factory merely for R&Ding the concentrations.

On the beginner scenarios that’s not a big deal but on intermediate+ it kills my already slim profit margins…

As a temporary solution you could just write them down either from gamedata\ or from other saved game, as they are not random.

That’s my current solution! It would be good for new players in the future if it were available in-game in a menu, though. :slight_smile:

Now that we have “Free Build” options for a game and it unlocks all Cures, I sort of expect the wiki to have an image with all the cures (including required concentration, machine, and if needed, catalyst) on the Cure page.

Currently they are listed separately under each of the 11 “Lines” (Blood/Digestion/etc.)

The wiki has the requirements to upgrade each drug but not the range that shows when a drug is considered “active”. :confused:

The only way in the current build to see the activation range is to have the line built in your factory and you’re looking at the drug on the line. The current set up makes it so you can’t plan unless you’ve already built a line at least once and taken down notes. It’s not exactly conducive for planning.

I totally agree with you on this one it has been on my list for the longest time. I still can’t guarantee it because I need to make sure I can design a way to show the info clearly without information overload. However in terms of GUI refinement, this is very high on the list and I will make every effort to do it.

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What will “Cancer Vaccine” show for required cure concentration?

The effects.dat file has a range of 18 to 19 for cancervaccine, but the Hadron Collider is required to upgrade to it, and therefore all effects (including Cancer Vaccine) are active and concentration shows “collided”.

I guess just for consistency, Cancer Vaccine had to have some value for “boundary” (i.e. the concentration range), but it doesn’t really make sense; it could be any value.

I dont think I quite love you yet TC, I would’e preferred that it showed the active range before producing the cure, not just afterward. I don’t understand why not to show the concentration range before producing the cure, as this is not a variable. By the time I have the next level cure, the information is obsolete because I’ll have the production line planned out already, something which I’d prefer to be able to do before getting the next level cure which is only possible by memorizing the concentration ranges or looking them up in game files.

Agreed. However, as I note in the post below, the information IS available for a 1st level cure if you either a) start w/ the needed ingredient or b) discover the ingredient. You don’t need to actually produce the cure for the required Cure Concentration to show, but for higher level cures, for some reason you do.

“V0.45.00 Cure concentration on cure tab - inconsistent?”

It’s not inconsistent. In fact, making it so that you could see the cure concentration for cure levels you haven’t made yet would make it inconsistent.

The reason that you can see the information for the 1st level cure when you start with it or discover it is because you know right off the bat what concentration it needs to be at. You don’t know the 2nd level information at that point because you haven’t actually see the 2nd level cure at all. Once you upgrade the cure, you can see the cure concentration and so it subsequently shows up in your cures tab when you hover over it.
It’s the same for knowing what you need to upgrade a cure. When you don’t have an ingredient, you don’t know what it needs to upgrade. Once you have the ingredient, you can then see how to upgrade it to the 2nd level. You don’t know what it takes to upgrade it to the 3rd level as you haven’t seen the 2nd level cure until you actually upgrade to the 2nd level.

I really don’t see how this is hard to understand…

It is not hard to understand. That was just noting a very minor inconsistency from a specific view point
(which is why the referenced post has " seems inconsistent (to me)" ).
That viewpoint being that the user has to take NO action for 1st level Cure Concentration to show if the
ingredient is discovered, but they do for 2nd level and above (i.e. run the ingredient into the required upgrade machine).
It is trivial, but spending one whole minute thinking on it, any change that required action for 1st
level cures to show Cure Concentration, would just hurt gameplay (e.g. user has to import the ingredient in
a port 1st).

The bigger issue (to me) in this thread is :

One could argue that there is a sense of discovery by keeping it hidden until ingredients are discovered
or cures are upgraded to next level. However, it is in a readable file (for now anyway) and people who’ve played
already know the concentrations. The upgrade requirements for each cure are in the wiki and that’s not known until
the game is played (i.e. it has to be “discovered”), so why not the Cure Concentrations?

To be pedantic about it (code for “probably wasting your time”) :
Cure Concentrations (and next upgrade path) for 2nd level and above cures will pop up immediately
on “Cures” tab as soon as the required ingredient(s) (w/in the required concentration range) enter
the required upgrade machine. No action is needed to trigger it - e.g. changing tabs, adding output belt, etc…

However, for 1st level cures, the only way I can get Cure Concentrations (and next upgrade path)
to show on “Cures” tab is to visit the “Ingredients” tab, after the “ingredient discovered” news pops up.
Changing tabs, adding stuff in production, running longer, does not update the “Cures” tab.

For a new game, going straight to the “Cures” tab, WILL show the Cure Concentrations (and next upgrade path)
w/o visiting the “ingredients” tab, for existing ingredient(s).
(guessing the ‘undiscovered-ingredient-to-“available”-and-Explorers-move’ action triggers the Cures tab update).