Curious Game Error

Every once in awhile, without apparent reason, my screen goes black. I can get the desktop, but whenever I click on the GSB icon to get back into the game, the screen goes black again. I’m sorry I don’t know enough about my system to be more descriptive of what’s happening. I’m running GSB on Windows 7.1 Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Did it again, except this time it kicked me out of the game altogether.

Hmm, I am not familiar with this type of error with GSB

When you have a chance, navigate to \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug In there you will find 3 text files. Have a read of each to see if there are any clues to what is happening. Should be the last entries at the end of the file.

Also, take note of when it happened. What were you doing at the time, were you playing with a mod active etc.

Random Suggestion:

  • Check to make sure your drivers are up to date.


Last entry in debug.txt . . .

Intersect code went wrong:…\src\SIM_BeamWeaponModule.cpp 533

Last entry in drawdebug.txt . . .

Deleting texture: Rebel Asgard
Deleting texture:

Last entry in errors.txt . . . .

21/4/2014 - 13::7 - D3DEngine Restore Failed
21/4/2014 - 13::7 - D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
21/4/2014 - 13::7 - D3DEngine Restore Failed

Don’t know what it means, but there it is.

Hmm, I think this is the one we are looking for

I think this is the game housekeeping, removing anything in memory that it does not need.
(I have something similar in my debug and it ran fine)

Not sure what this one means either.


  • Do you have any mods open or have you made any changes to the modules ?
  • Have you got the latest graphics drivers for your card.

Reason why I ask is the error generated by the SIM_BeamWeaponModule
Either there is an incorrect modded weapon that uses SIM_BeamWeaponModule or there was a graphical glitch when using the SIM_BeamWeaponModule.cpp which caused the game to abort abnormally.

I downloaded a driver update for my video card. Will see what happens next. Thanks.

Most welcome and good luck :slight_smile: