Current game modding

I’m having issues modding a current game. every time I try to add an item or edit an existing one, my game crashes when I try to load my current character. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve reverted to unedited files and the save loads up fine.

The edit’s that I’m trying to do are things like reducing the upkeep on the cars, or lowering the initial cost of the bike. either of these results in a crash to desktop when I try to load up my save. Any help is appreciated.

The first thing that comes to mind is the program you are using to mod the game files. What program do you use? To test it, open an unedited file in Notepad, change the value you want, save, then test it.

If you aren’t using a specialised CSV editor, then just use Notepad (not Wordpad). Some programs that support CSV (like OpenOffice.Org or MS Excel) may add " " around text that shouldn’t have those marks, breaking the file(s).

Also, is the game crashing on loading your save AND when you start a new game, or just on loading a save?

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it’s only crashing when loading the save file, not at startup. i use open office for editing the files, I’ll try with note pad

As another test:

  1. Make a copy of a CSV file
  2. Open the copy in OpenOffice and save it
  3. Open both CSV files in Notepad and see if there’s a difference.

In all likely hood you’ll find the one opened and saved in OpenOffice to have many " " that aren’t in the unedited version.

CSV editors are discussed here:

I now use, which seems to do the trick.

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Notepad and Wordpad (or any normal text editor) is much better than any sort of spreadsheet to edit the CSVs. The problem I ran into with spreadsheets is that they condensed multiple commas into one, which mucked with the spacing of the rest of the items in any particular line. Net result - game crash.

That’s the same issue I had with Excel, but CSVed doesn’t have that issue. I now actually use a combination of Excel, CSVed and Notepad to edit the files: CSVed initially to see which columns align with which values; Excel to ‘create’ the entry through formulas; Notepad to record and save the entry to ensure no funny business :slight_smile:

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