Current stats screen

I just noticed this today so I have no idea how long it’s been going on.

So the postmortem stats screen now has a little “most/least effective” summary. I can see how this is probably very useful to some players out there.

Thing is, I’m not one of them. Point of fact, I don’t really use the stats screen at all. I don’t want to do in-depth analysis, detailed fleet optimization, etc. I want to deploy ships and watch things explode. And when it’s not working, sometimes I just want to get right back to the deployment screen - or out of the game entirely; it varies. And since Esc-ing out of the battle takes you to the stats screen, it’s now one more click between me and where I want to be.

What I’d like is the option to turn the stat summary off. Possible? I don’t know, but it can’t hurt to ask.

I agree. It will be nice to be able to disable the new Most Effective/Least Effective popup window. It doesn’t help to know that my least effective design is the armor tanks or target painter fighters while my most effective design is the DPS ship.

Aside from an extra click it also seem to cause crashes to some mods.

For those that are interested - This is how you fix it.

As for the stats screen, i do not mind the post battle summary.
When i was still working out the difference between a pulse laser and a sonic screwdriver that stats screen would have been very useful to me. But i would hazard a guess that the veterans like yourself it would be of little benifit.

But what i would like is that when you switch stats back to the old version - there is a section that shows the ships that were engaged, i want a scroll bar. It would be very usefull for survival debriefing