Custom Colors

I would like to see the ability to put one’s own color scheme on their ships. Example: Homeworld 1+2

Can be Done Externaly, Just needs a lot of time, and Renaming Stuff as well as Hue Editing

Cliff Could Implement a Function to The Hull editor That Changes Hue Levels, But I Dont think thats High on his To-do List

Definitely would be cool.

think, White Empire…

enuff said, and shown

From what i can tell, it would involve a fair bit of work, but possibly not too much (take each ship, isolate colored sections, do separate render in grayscale for team color bitmap, re-render regular ships without team color). Depends on if the artist he uses has a couple of weeks free :stuck_out_tongue:

disco vada…

maybe i should just make a pack or something that allows easy color change, would be good if the game would substitute them for the originals when played with challenges online (so you dont get mismatch)

The actual technology behind it is a two layer diffusion/shine map. I’m not sure how much post processing was done on the lightwave models or if they were just rendered once, but color the base mode white and remove all spectacularity. Render that as a diffusion map which you can multiply by any color to get a very nice colored object. Now turn the model black, turn spectacularity back on. Render that as a shine map. Add that to the multiplied color. Tada.

(user color * white diffusion map) + black shine map = custom color

This even works for multiple colors…

(user color 1 * white diffusion map 1) + (user color 2 * white diffusion map 2) + black shine map = two custom colors

Speaking of Lightwave, I believe there’s a few LWOs floating around. I’ll have to check that thread to see what information is available on the post processing performed, if any, and the camera settings and textures used for the render.

Wow. Darth Jackson.

White vader has sad looking eyes…

this would be incredibly useful for identifying ships mid battle. I tend to use the same hulls for different specs and they all look the same :frowning: