Custom country: Ancapistan

I did test country with minimal cost of policies - uncancellable policies, 0 cost policies, state stuff set to generate money and minimal flat income tax.
It was too easy to reach over 50% popularity.
Probably because country was filled with religious, patriots, conservatives and capitalists.
This is how I aligned starting policies.
Environmentalists naturally liked lack of economy, state employees and self employed liked my attempts to bring order and growth.

There is no way to hide those script influences - I wanted harder start.
Scripts include lowering tech and education, increasing poverty, and triggering mineral/oil wealth, endangered species, HIV, malaria and FGM (ban FGM doesn’t lower it tho)
Also all prereqs are active.

I had to remove FGM situation, and tone down education reduction, malaria/HIV boosters as this caused stuff to be unfixable.
That is health and education couldn’t be maxed out, and malaria/HIV/FGM couldn’t be removed.

Ancapistan is kinda misnomer - starting condition place is authoritarian left edge.
Utter poverty causes socialist views
Negative disposable income = there should be informal markets simulation.
Also black market situation should show up naturally here, I guess I need booster for it.
Also general (and possibly other) strikes shouldn’t be tried to trade unions at all, at least not as strongly.
I used UK as template, so I divided GDP and population values by UK wealth mod (wealth mod is 1 in my country).
Got country with around 13 million people - could be like one of those island nation countries.

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I certainly think that the game is not designed around dismantling the state. As it is a government sim. I leave it to Cliff on how to balance the game around this eventuality.