Custom country: Finland

Tried to make realistic as possible Finland with problems like corporate exodus, tax evasion and other things that Finland faces in real life. Can you solve Finlands problems without cutting the extensive social security nets? For installation just unpack the rar file and move the folders to \Democracy 3\data.
Finland.rar (8.8 KB)

I found it a bit easy financially. I ran my whole two terms in a deficit and never got a credit rating reduction. Managed to solve the issues but I ended with race riots that seemed to come from nowhere though.

Thanks for adding a country. Need more :-).

I recorded my playthrough of Finland.

Part One:

Part Two: … lW7e03Mmzw

Hi !

I’ve tried it and I ended up fixing Finland’s problems in two terms : first the criminal side (internet & organised crime), then the competitive side (uncompetitive economy & corporate exodus) and finally the tax evasion issue. Since I like playing on the liberal /socialist side, I had already experienced those problems and found some solutions to be quite satisfying.

On the negative side I had threats from religious extremists, the alcool abuse came back as soon as I made it legal again to drink at age 18 and my population developped obesity and asthma (in good way of being cured for both)… And my balance wasn’t that good at the end (although I did have some reserves at one point during my second term).

Kiitos to you for alowing us to play Finland !