Custom Music?

I’ve actually quite enjoyed the music in the videos so far, but I was wondering if there will be an option to work your own customized music into the game. There was a way to do this in Sins of a Solar Empire, and I spent the better part of a weekend personalizing the music (from Battlestar and Homeworld, mainly). So, will the music be customizable? It’s not a big feature since I could always set up an iTunes playlist, but I enjoy tinkering around in the game’s guts to make it feel more integrated, when possible.

The game is still hours away from the public rollout for beta & pre-order, and I am already stacking up my CDs for certain movie scores. Okay, okay, I promise that I’ll give any in-game music a fair try first, though! But later on, “Crimson Tide,” “The Hunt For Red October,” “Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” “Star Trek 2–The Wrath Of Khan,” and “Victory At Sea” will make an appearance.

Oh yes, I’m ransacking my classical-music collection as well. :smiley: Much of the latter can be vastly superior to even the best movie/TV scores. Reinhold Gliere’s mythic-themed “Ilya Muromets” symphony is mind-bogglingly good for hardcore wargaming. There’s a tense buildup to a shattering, insane crescendo about 19 minutes into the fourth movement that is born for background to the arming and firing of some secret, fleet-smashing hell-weapon. Or the heroic sortie of an outnumbered ship against lethal odds as it throws its throttle ahead to flank speed and empties its magazines in one last fiery middle finger extended towards the enemy admiral’s telescope. I get all breathless just thinking about it, lol… swoon (self-confessed musical-Romanticism geek here).