Customer Demand, Popularity, Safety, Employees status, Global expansion, More raw materials and Organization


  • The longer I play this game the more I realize that costumers are not increasing, it is really stead or growing very slowly. So to make this better I suggest increasing customer population over time…Example: exponential growth population, would prove to me challenging to keep up with.

  • Going along with the last suggestion, there should be a popularity scale/measurement of some sort. Marketing is temporary…not something passively gaining over time. It’s a real pain, plus marketing has a limit. Trying to make the game as close as it could be to a company in real life.

  • Safety, of course stupid employees exist so there must be some kind of health care…or something similar to that in the game, this would provide difficulty to the game. (Research- Improve safety --> Upgrade- Improve safety)

  • (THIS MIGHT BE OVERKILLING THE GAME COMPLEXSITY) Of course no with Safety you could add in Employees Status. I have play this game long enough to fully expand and found one big problem… it is very hard keeping track of everything! You’re literally click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click; You rarely just get to sit back and watch your company make money. By adding Employees Status you could reduce the management of car price, materials imported at once, shut off and turn on production line, and etc; and of course you will be the one to set the limits of the lowest car price or highest and etc. Adding this to the game could be the hardest thing to be done but I believe it is possible so give it a try.

-Multi company would also be a good thing to globally expand your company.

  • More raw material that can be import.

  • It’s really hard to find a specific structure your are looking for in a big or just messy company; So a One panel of list of assembly line to organize everything you build would be nice, so when you click on it it would move your screen to where the parts are assemble or where stuff are made just allowing faster optimization to your production line. And Upgrade panel of all “fit” and “make”

I thought these would be great ideas to add to the game.