Customer desires ie. (no air conditioning)

I think there are a few select categories in the game that should have an impact on customer demand. So there could be an additional category for customers when shopping that would show up when you hover over the car in the showroom. It would read: Demands A/C, or Demands Heat. Demands Radio. I think these 3 basic essentials should be factored in. And since A/C is not easy to get to it will be fun to make sure some of these critical demands are met.

I agreed with this until I got hit with Sun Roof was pretty much a mandatory standard. Seriously? I had climate control, air conditioner, heater, anti-lock brakes and more in my $ and $$ cars already and boom, sun-roofs killed all my sales, and I had 90 cars stuck in my showroom as I upgraded to sun-roofs. Now a very very long time after and making profit again, I have 90 cars that still won’t move. All the cars without sun-roofs are still there. I wish I could sell them at cost, scrap them back into the game for materials, or even donate them as school fleet vehicles for a tax write off. 90 cars sitting in the showroom because customers demanded sun-roofs that second and everything on the factory floor be darned and cursed to never be bought and hang out on the showroom forever.
So no, no customers demand or else. Costumers prefer would work better. Proffered items sale faster, but when they demand or else, your inventory gets buggered up with no way to clean it out.

A tip that I would suggest for clearing unwanted stock out of the showroom is by increasing your ‘Customers Visiting Showroom’ by running a marketing campaign to increase customer numbers and temporarily reducing the price on that model till the stocks clear out.

I do have to agree through that the sunroof being a ‘Universal’ item is rather strange, as in my country (South Africa), we are more inclined towards the ‘Panoramic Sunroof’