cyber police and border controls

can we please have a cyber police policy that annoys liberals yet cuts down on internet crime and cyber attacks because those two events are really hard and sometimes impossible to stop without pissing off the entire population through a oversize military and stupidly strong border controls. can you also lessen the effect of border controls on liberals cliff because i am getting flooded by immigrants that i cant hold back because i really annoy the liberals who just kill me…
PLEASE change these cliff, it will make the game more realistic and funner
many thanks

Agree Internet Crime takes forever to get rid of. And I always have to purposely hurt my technology score to do it, even with Intelligence Agency at max and crime nearly nonexistent.

How to stop cyber attacks in one easy step? Foreign aid by the bucketload. Boosts your foreign relations dramatically and fairly quickly, which combined with decent security services will stop them dead - and it pleases liberals!

Internet crime is harder. Prevention is better than cure; if you don’t start with it, slam security services up to max ASAP. Provided you scrub organised crime, that should hold it. If it does arrive, you’ll need internet censorship to sort it; find something to bribe the liberals with, and dial it back as soon as the problem is solved.

With regard to the proposed internet police; I’m not sure what they would actually do that isn’t covered by existing policies. If we’re talking about tracking down and arresting ecrooks, then security services already does that. if we’re talking about monitoring web traffic and shutting down illegal websites, that’s internet censorship. I’ve suggested in another thread (which ULQ is working up into a mod) a policy to educate the public on cyber safety, which I envisaged havin a looong term effect on cybercrime (16 turns or so). Take a peek, let me know what you think.

Agreed that cyber crime is far too difficult to get rid off. My nation relied on being a technological superpower and even with intelligence services maxed out it didn’t put a dent in the crime.