Czech Translate (Čeština do hry BigPharma)

I writing new language for this game but the game does not support characters like this: ě,š,č,ř,ž…
Can you fix it? I writing it without this characters but any words must have this characters because i wrote Horky (Hot) but i want to write Hořký (Bitter).

I looked into this but the font that I’m using doesn’t have the letters that you need. It has ê but not ě. It’s the same for the cyrillic characters used for Russian. The only way to fix it will be purchasing a brand new font and implementing. This is something I’m considering but I can’t make any promises just now. I don’t know if using the variants with the ^ is a potential halfway house at the moment? Not ideal, I understand!

PS The font does have ý and should already be working. Is this not the case?