Czech translation

Hi, my name is Petr.
I am Czech, and I would like to offer my help in translating games into Czech language.
Of course, free.
I already own the game.
I want to expand the game between the Czech nation.
It’s an amazing game, perhaps better than Theme Hospital :).
If you would agree I’d begun to translate the game into my language and when the game comes out it would also be in the Czech language.
Again, I want nothing other than just acceptance and the possibility to edit text files.
Thank you in advance.

PS: Good luck, you have a chance to beat tycoon game: P.

My tests to translate game into my languge.

But i have a problem. I can not translate main menu like “NEW GAME, LOAD GAME, etc” and text challenges what you cant see on the screen.
I dont know where i can find that. I think it is a picture file or something else.

First of all, thank you for the kind words. I welcome your efforts to translate the game but please be aware of a few things:

  1. Not all the visible text is in the file yet. This is not deliberate but has not been a priority to fix while the game is English language only. This is the issue you refer to in your second post.
  2. I am constantly adding new text as I expand the game over the beta period.
  3. If you modify the file and then allow the autopatching to go ahead - it will garble the file. This is because the patcher works on a difference system.

In summary, the game is not really ready to be translated yet. I understand you wanting to play the game in your own language as soon as possible and I’m not trying to dissuade you, however I cannot officially support it etc. due to the potential issues that will arise as I continue to improve the game.

Once I add the multilingual system in, adding a new language will be as simple as dropping in a new data file e.g. But like I say, we are not at that point yet.