D2 Crashes on Load

Hello all

Just downloaded the demo to see if i could get this to work(even tried downloading previous versions) - tried lots of things but i cant seem to get it to work :frowning:

Specification : Samsung R700, on windows 7 64 bit … Nvidia 8400M GS Graphics card.

Tried setting the config to windowed mode, safe mode, 16 bit (if i choose 16 bit i get some Seriously crazy flashing!)
Tried setting it in compatability mode, doesnt seem to make any difference

Game gets to the main page, with music - Quit button is there, and the info in top right (demo 1.18 i think it was) However theres no other buttons and the mouse cursor is completely unmovable.

code----DEBUG FILE----
Windows Vista detected
releasing resources
writing global vars
releasing game subystems
releasing d3d
Clearing textured sprites

codeInitialising Direct Draw
Forcing to safe mode, fullscreen not stable
Attempting windowed mode
Creating Context at 1024 768 16
Forcing Fallback Init
Attempting Fallback Init
Fallback init succeeded
Driver: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS \ Microsoft Direct3D Hardware Transform and Lighting acceleration capable device
VidMem: 1395 MB
Texture created : data/bitmaps\fonts\tahoma12.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\fonts\verdana12.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\fonts\verdanabold16.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\fonts\arial16.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\fonts\arialbold16.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\fonts\arialbold20.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\fonts\tahoma30.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\title.bmp
Texture created : data/bitmaps\button.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\button_h.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\spark_red.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\spark2.dds
Texture created : data/bitmaps\spark.dds
Release D3DEngine
Redundant calls/frame = 0.000000
Engine already released

Also included is my config file:

[config] ColorDepth=16 IsWindowed=1 SafeMode=1 ForceFallback=1 build = DisableVerticalSynch=0

Seems radically small for a config file ? or is that just me ? :slight_smile: - any help much appreciated ! i really wanna get on and play :slight_smile:

Hi, this is a windows 7 video driver issue. Getting newer drivers may fix it, but Democracy 2 uses directx7 and the nice people who constantly cram useless features into video card drivers no longer care about supporting it properly, so theres a chance they just wont ever release windows 7 drivers that wrk with older games correctly :frowning:
You can try running the game in compatibiltiy mode (right click the icon), for older versions of windows.

GSB and later games will use Directx 9

Thanks for the reply mate,

Sadly compat mode doesnt work at all :frowning: just makes things worse

ill keep trying and wait and see if nvidia do something about it >.>

Hi Cliff,

The full version’s not working for me either (Win7 x64 HP, 8800GTX, E6700), but it works fine on a friend’s Raddy-based Win7 x64 PC. I get much the same symptoms as Matt.

Have you had any feedback on whether the problem is limited to nVidia cards, or Win7x64/Nvidia combos? I’m considering sticking Vista back on my machine for now, at least until issues like this are solved. Hopefully.


Im wondering if a game he has on his desktop has installed some old-compatable directx components that DX10 is missing by default ?

what other stuff does he have installed on the desktop you dont have? (you’ve sparked my curiosity) :slight_smile:

edit: i also am having the problem (error locking vb) as posted by someone here:

nvidia 8800M GS - no overclocking etc. -Win7 pro x64, build 7600

His rig is built as much for overclocking as it is for games, so it’d be fair to say that it’s highly customised - I wouldn’t really know where to start! But I’ve been playing around with the Win7 compatibility troubleshooter, and that tells me that the texture Tahoma12.dds is missing.

Incidentally, I tried all the drivers from version 185 to 191. No joy there. But I’ve also sent a support email to nVidia, so I’ll keep you posted.

AFAIK this is happening for the most part with an nvidia win7 combo. Although I’m not sure exactly what driver versions and setups cause it :frowning:

Nvidia’s response was fairly predictable: do a clean install, update the BIOS, check your hardware, yadda yadda.

I think the simplest solution (for me, anyway) will be to install a dual-boot with Vista 32. Then my PC will be a haven of democracy once more :slight_smile:

ahhh nice i guess …
I dont want to purchase until i can play it on my laptop (sorry?!) i can force it upon my desktop but i want it on the lappy…

i guess ill keep my fingers crossed the next beta drivers fix something! (the ones im using still suck!)

Nevermind, and thanks for your input darth - much appreciated :slight_smile:

Any Driver version currently causes it atm cliff, see i thought the driver on x64 win7 was the same as x64 vista ? - in which case democracy will run on gtx260 but not a mobile gpu…