D2 V1.25 crashes on entering "cabinet" option

just bought D2 V1.25. When trying to enter the ministers/cabinet option on the upper right corner the game crashes with no helpful message. Same game in Demo version (V1.25) works well. As well. demo version uses whole screen just fine, while “for money” version only works when using part of the screen. Annoying.

Having the same two issues, and again, didn’t have those issues in the demo.

Tried changing the Democracy2\data\CONFIG.MUF file to get rid of windowed mode, but it had no effect. Not sure what’s going on.

There was a slightly buggy version on sale for about 48 hours, which has now been replaced. I suspect this is a directx related issue. Can you re-use your download links and re-install. That should fix it. I know it fixed it for a third buyer.
The version number hasn’t changed, but you still need to reinstall.

Much appreciated Supreme Admiral-type creator person. :wink:

Yes, my link was still valid: the new install runs in fullscreen and with no crash when entering the cabinet/ministers menu.

Thanks again. =)