D3DEngine Error

Just using the demo it crashes out and with the following message:
D3DEngine Error
Please check publishers website for tech support details: [Failed to locate texture: upsell1.jpg]

Were I to hazard a guess I’m thinking upsell1.jpg is for the end of the demo to ask you to buy it, but thought I’d check here.

Try reinstalling the game completely, or adding a random jpg image file and naming it such, in the path that the engine expects to find it, just to get the game to load.
I’ve had D3D Engine issues before, as it is the same one used with Quake it was no surprise or hard problems to fix.
Errors can also occur if you attempt to run in compatibility mode through windows 7 operating system in order to fix resolution issues, although it’s a slightly more rare bug to see if it’s properly patched.
It has a fixed resolution for most setups, as I’ve seen.

My comments come from personal experience, modding and creating with a few different game engines.