d3dx9_42.dll missing


I just downloaded Democracy 3 on my Windows 10 machine. But, whenever I try to run the installer, I get a d3dx9_42.dll missing error message. I read in one of your forums that downloading the dll from fix4dll.com/download?file=d3dx9_42.dll and then overriding the library in the windows/system folder is the way get past the issue. Please confirm if that is the correct to resolve this.
Thanks for your earliest attention!


I have the same thing happening to me, but the file missing is d3dx9_41.dlll instead of 42. Could you tell me how you solved this?


Hi, you can grab the file here:
unzip that into the democracy 3 folder (the one with Democracy3.exe in it).
That should fix it.
It seems some builds of windows dont have it for some reason :frowning: