D4 Common Sense Mod + Balance/Suggestions/Ideas/Steam Positive Reviews/Thoughts

Hello! Welcome to my long in development mod! Feel free to use it as your own!

Be advised, there is some problem where it crashes the game when I try to run it and it will not upload on to Steam Workshop.


Link: D4 Common Sense Mod



  1. Arms Reduction Treaty
  2. Ban Vapes
  3. Declare Government Debt Risk Free
  4. End Forever War
  5. Isolation
  6. Military First
  7. Nation Above All
  8. Protect National Monuments
  9. Rename Military
  10. Shut Legislature
  11. Telecoms Cause Cancer


  1. High Radiation On Mars
  2. Liberals and Capitalists Catch On To Ploy
  3. Religious and Conservatives Catch On To Ploy
  4. Replicability Crisis
  5. UFOs Interdict Fighters


  1. ban_patriotism
  2. ban_ethnicity
  3. ban_conservatism
  4. ban_capitalism
  5. local_government
  6. farmer_equipment_subsidies
  7. subsidize_stubble_burning
  8. gender_transition_without_sex_change
  9. convert_debt_to_coin
  10. ban_loneliness
  11. ubi_for_the_ultra_rich
  12. prostitution_subsidies
  13. college_endowment_tax
  14. ban_private_housing
  15. electrify_busses
  16. mobilization_of_economy
  17. cap_and_trade_co2_emission_quotas
  18. rare_earth_recycling
  19. blood_money
  20. fire_department
  21. ban_sexuality
  22. ban_gender_transition
  23. allow_sexuality
  24. age_of_consent
  25. ban_adultery
  26. broaden_local_debt
  27. allow_adultery
  28. ban_pornography
  29. deradicalization__life_after_hate_
  30. ban_ngos
  31. subsidize_private_housing
  32. prison_labour
  33. electrify_trains
  34. metro_rail
  35. ban_sarcasm
  36. ban_bureaucracy
  37. the_civil_service
  38. ban_statism
  39. ban_religion
  40. ban_environmentalism
  41. ban_socialism
  42. negative_interest_rates
  43. ban_fascism
  44. ban_anarchism
  45. high_reliability_organizations

Sim Value

  1. Culture


  1. food_price_crash
  2. environmental_stability
  3. environmental_collapse
  4. hyperdeflation
  5. intelligence_blowback_situation


  1. Cooperative Housing
  2. Civilian Health Corps
  3. Civil Defence Corps
  4. Energy Tax
  5. Energy Subsidies
  6. Fund Olympics
  7. General Debt Relief
  8. State Food Banks
  9. Food Bank Subsidies
  10. Recycled Plastics Subsidies
  11. Waste-To-Fuel Plants
  12. Missile Defence Policy
  13. National Parks And Conservation
  14. Abortion Subsidies
  15. News Event-Mother Begs For Help
  16. Street Begging Event
  17. Pet Subsidies
  18. Pet Passports Dilemma
  19. Buy Property For Redistribution
  20. Flash Riots Event
  21. Adopt Crytocurrency As State Currency
  22. Defence Production Act
  23. Cryptocurrency Subsidies
  24. Social Solidarity Subsidies
  25. State Foster Care
  26. Use Energy As Currency?
  27. Gender Segregation
    28.Gay Conversion Therapy
  28. Gender Conversion Therapy
  29. Explicit EcoTax
  30. Tax Rebate Policies
    32 .Live Ammunition for Protests
  31. Environmental Collapse Event
  32. Environmental Stability Situation
  33. Police Brutality Situation
  34. Civic Education Policy (Reduces Bureaucracy)
  35. River Policies
  36. Fishing Policies And Events
  37. More Entertainment Policies
  38. Mutual Admiration Society
  39. Ban NGOs policy
  40. Free All Prisoners Dilemma
  41. Sports Subsidies
  42. Ban Middle-Men
  43. Subsidize Middle-Men
  44. Subsidize GM Crops
  45. Sexual Favours Dilemma
  46. Assisted Reproductive Technology
  47. Social Religion Policy
  48. Cultivate Aggression
  49. Cultivate Pacifism
  50. Miscellaneous Fines
  51. Reparations to the historically disadvantaged
  52. Indicative Democratic Planning
  53. De-emphasize abortion
  54. De-Emphasize Euthanasia
  55. Euthanasia Subsidies
  56. Anti-abortion riots
  57. Promote Racial Harmony
  58. Promote Racial Discord
  59. Make Public Property Anti-Poor
  60. Agricultural Tax
  61. Anti-Poor Policing
  62. Banking Sim Value
  63. Bank Crisis
  64. Alcohol, Tobacco and Junk Food Subsidies
  65. Collectivize Land
  66. Collectivize Capital
  67. Collectivize Labour
  68. Demonetization Dilemma (-2->4% GDP)
  69. Extreme Poverty, Poverty, high inequality and Food Crisis leads to cannibalism situation
  70. Investment Sim Value
  71. Indicative Economic Planning
  72. Back Alley Paramours Caught Event (High Surveillance)
  73. Policies for letting kids chill the fuck out.
  74. Blame Foreign Warmonger Leader For Higher Prices Dilemma
  75. Penalize discrimination Dilemma
  76. Reward Discrimination Dilemma
  77. Stalking at University Event caused by high liberalism, education and low crime (done as considered a brave and “edgy” form of art).
  78. Coal Liquefaction Policy
  79. Low income bus passes
  80. Men Reject University Event:
  81. Rising Gender Equality, Wokeness (i.e. number of American Liberals, like how BLM protests become more likely, with the number of Liberals present), positive discrimination, lack of resources to stay in Uni (unlike provisions made for minorities and women), Demonization (real or perceived, such as, all men are rapists, or all men are aggressors, racists, etc.), virtually no men’s colleges remaining, student debt, expense, poverty and a drive to self-sufficient/independent inculcated from a young age, socially ingrained role of provider, etc. makes college age men in the US drop-out from University. Women now make up 60% of all students in US Universities. I’m not taking a stance on this, I’m merely describing the various factors present which make men, or men convince themselves to leave Uni. Men leaving Uni hurts both women and men. Men have lower job opportunities in the future, even if they can earn now, women among other things have lower mate quality and less like-minded people to speak to, they can also choose to leave Uni, which can hurt their careers too (increases unemployment) (this event will provide a drawback, i.e. balancing for gender equality in game).
  82. STD Epidemic Situation
  83. Gift Sim
  84. Inflation Riots
  85. Automated Car Failure Event
  86. Electric Car Fire Event
  87. Increased Racial Tension, Conservative Membership, gender inequality, wealth inequality, leads to apartheid Situation
  88. Worker’s Cooperatives Situation
  89. Militarized Police Policy
  90. Ban Strikes Policy
  91. Deport Immigrants Policy
  92. Extractive Activities Sim Value

@cliffski I hope that these inspire you in some way Cliff! :smiley:


  1. Check Positland Post, have a nation like “Tropico”!
    Make us “El Presidente”( call it something else for copyright reasons)!
    2.See Jerkass policies post
  2. See positive situations post
  3. Improve functionality of modding system, allow tab to shift to other boxes, alt-tab to shift to go back and add “News Events” category.


  1. Electric Car Transition should reduce pollution and respiratory disease at a greater percentage than car usage to balance out the effects.
  2. Bug, when I click on the religious group in Japan, through the Religious Banknotes policy it subtracts political capital.
  3. Citizenship for sale does not upset Patriots.
  4. Comfort/development/HDI should increase polarization?
  5. Plane Crash Event should show up in the mod maker.
  6. Individualistic countries should have a higher base for mental illness (depersonalization-derealization)
  7. As we’re more and more successful, opposition parties move closer and closer to our position, but in voter’s eyes, what distinguishes them?

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GOG Reviews (2.7/5 or 5.4/10) (I hope your engagement with them is fruitful)! :smiley:


socialist internet

Check out the Soviet OGAS, which if it had worked (by support from the state), would’ve marked the birth of the internet by a full 6-7 years before ARPANET (potentially)!

And not to forget the early 70s efforts of the Chilean socialists to create a socialist internet! :slight_smile:


As we’re more and more successful, opposition parties move closer and closer to our position, but in voter’s eyes, what distinguishes them?

The Depopulation Bomb:

  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/opinions/1986/04/13/depopulation-bomb-the-withering-of-the-western-world/b58ce6a0-2a36-4aa6-98af-972cf7a3b9e3/

  2. The new population bomb - Nikkei Asia

  3. The Depopulation Bomb | Pacific Standard

  4. Projections of population growth - Wikipedia

  5. Somalian Birth Rate - Google Search

  6. birth rate of israel - Google Search

  7. birth rate of north korea - Google Search

  8. birth rate of world - Google Search