D4 on macOS Big Sur using Wine

If someone wants to run Democracy 4 on the Mac even with the latest macOS Big Sur you are in fact able to do by using Wine. This Tutorial was the only one working for me but D4 is running now on my MacBook. I don’t know if it works on Apple Silicon Macs but this Wine distribution should be able to.


Thats very interesting to know, cheers.

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It is supremely unhelpful that Monterey (Big Sur successor) is the name of a viticulture region, but I cannot find a version of Wine that I am able to install. Any updates on workaround advice or the real thing?

I can’t tell if you’re being serious or humourous, or both. :slight_smile:

Well, a little of both. But the key point is I really want to play, and do not know how/when that can be possible.

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It’s unlikely that Cliff will be releasing D4 on iOS/Mac. As per his earlier statements on the matter, sorry.

It actually still works for me with macOS 12.4 (Intel Chip).

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He’s spending effort on localization to various languages while I suppose that the audience on Macs is not less significant