Damage Calculations

How is damaged calculated for weapons with a duration (lasers, et al)?

Say… a laser has a beam duration of 1000, is its damage calculated from the moment of firing or over the duration of the laser?

If it is durational it could make for possible interesting effects if a weapon could be made to ‘rake’ from target to target before its firing sequence is depleted.

I ask this because I was contemplating an extremely slow but powerful beam with a considerable beam duration (Stellar Converter), but if all of its damage is calculated immediately it’s no different than having a powerful torpedo/plasma effect.

Ahh, the Stellar Converter. That was a fun weapon in Master of Orion. :wink: Anyhow, I thought damage calculations were simply achieved by multiplying damage per shot by firing interval as it’s done on the GSB stats spreadsheet. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2928 I assumed that all the damage is delivered instantaneously but perhaps it is delivered over the beam duration as you describe.