Damage Indicator problem

I noticed this today when I was testing with max firepower.

The damage indicator never shows more than -99. Does that mean that even though my unit has a 130 damage output, it only do 99 damage?

Also I noticed that sometimes when I edit an existing unit, and save it, it makes another copy instead of overwriting the one I edited.

Hi, you should get a warning if you are about to overwrite an existing unit, but it might be that you are trying to overwrite the default units?
I’ll investigate the damage counter bug.

Unfortunatelly I don’t get any warnings (first I thought that’s intentional. I had the warnings before the last patch or before that, not sure), and I edited my own units which I made a few patchs ago, so I wanted to update them. :slight_smile:

Higher damage levels are definitely being applied, I just changed some numbers and tested it, and there is no limit. Some weapons have damage multipliers against certain classes of unit, so if they are less effective against that unit, they won’t be doing full damage. That may explain what you are seeing?

I don’t know about that, but my cannon has 124 damage output(double checked just to be sure :D), but only did 99 damage on a tanks internal hull(it should have normal damage on them since only penalty is against armors). So you are saying that cannons are less effective against tanks? They max damage only applys against mechs?

Does far all I knew is that some weapons are good against shields, some against armors, and some against internal. I had no idea that the actual unit type counts too :open_mouth:

Where can I check that?

unit types count in some cases, but it is shown in the stats on that weapon, as i recall. If you check out the flamethrowers stats you can see the difference (better vs infantry)