Data Items and Bonuses

1st post! Love this game. Already been modding… waaay fun.
However, I don’t know all the cool stuff thats not “liested”, like data items.

Are there any lists of these things? Any other cool things I should be aware of?

P.S. This game is screaming for an SC mod. :smiley:

“data Items” = ?. Do you mean Item data?

and what do you mean by “SC”. StarCraft, South Carolina?

And yes. (Not South Carolina. :P)

all item code/data is listed, as far as i know Cliff Hasn’t hidden anything

you also might be looking for this

OK, so where are they listed?
And no, I wasn’t looking for that, although that is quite helpful…

I dont think there is Any ‘List’, If your After the Weapons/Equipment then its in the Modules Folder, Ships are in the Hulls Folder. Graphics are in the Bitmaps Folder, Your Saved Stuff is in the GSB Folder in ‘MyDocuments’

Sorry, I guess I haven’t made my question clear. Let me rephrase:


The data items in a hull file. Obviously there are others. But what are they?


I Think thats It

Could you also explain the targets, running lights, etc? Sorry for the hassle. :confused:

Here is a good starting point:

The ingame hull editor also is very useful

I don’t have it for some reason. :frowning:
I’m at version 1.37…

Have you added ’ -editor’ to the End of the Target in a Shortcut?

eg:“D:\Program Files\GSB\Fullversion\GSB.exe” -editor

Yep. No dice.

where did you get the Game From?, eg: Steam, Of Positech etc…

But it was screwy… I lost net connection in the middle of my 1st install. >_< Stoopid monsoons…

I believe that Cliffski enabled the editor in game installs beginning with version 1.39 and newer. If Bloodaugust gets his game patched up to current standards, I’d say he’s got a good chance of being able to activate the editor.

How do I patch it? :confused:

  1. Start the game.
  2. From the main screen, click the “Online” button.
  3. Type in the keycode you were provided via email when you bought the game.
  4. This gets your copy of GSB set up such that every day, the update server will query your game for its version number.
  5. If the version of your copy is behind the current version, the auto-patcher will start downloading the necessary patch. You will have to manually start the patch installation once the download is complete.
  6. Restart the game once installation is done.
  7. Once you get to the main screen, the current version number of your copy of GSB should appear in one corner. Current as of right now is 1.45. If you see that your copy of GSB is now updated, all is well. :slight_smile:

After successfully getting through step 7, you can choose to quit the game and then enable the hulleditor app. Caution: it’s a buggy app and is most definitely unfinished, but is still quite helpful!

Just had to reinstall. :slight_smile: