Data modding?

Hello, this is my first thread.

I only have the demo for GSB, however once I have the money I will buy the full game.
I was tinkering with the package contents in the application, trying to find the comms.

I found them, only to find out the volume was read-only. I guess this is not surprising, but I don’t see how it is useful either.
All I wanted to do was to change the comms to make them seem a little more realistic, is there a way to change the permissions for the data volumes? (Using command+I and clicking the lock does not let me change the permissions, also unsurprising.)

Also, are the data volumes unlocked once I buy the full game? I’m sure they must be unlocked at some point, as I have seen an abundance of mods on the forum.
Help much appreciated, thank you

Welcome aboard, RubberFruit.

I think it would probably help if you also mentioned which version of GSB you’re attempting to look under the hood of - Windows, Mac, Linux?

It’s all okay now, I figured it out. I was trying to edit the disk image volume.

However! I am now faced with a new problem.
Usually, when I right-click a unit, I am given the options to rename it, delete it, so on and so forth.
Now, when I right click, nothing happens. I don’t know what I could have done to botch this feature.

I am using the Mac version, my mac mouse DOES have a right click, and it DOES work outside of the game.
I’m wondering if I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, would my content edits stay? IS there a way of uninstalling the game but keeping the .pkg contents?

Another Mac-equipped player had what seems like the same problem you do, and there was a solution for it.

Using this forum’s search tool, input “mac right click” and scan this Support subforum for that thread. I hope it benefits you.