Day of Remembrance, Remembrance and Liberation

Hello community and cliff, on Democracy 4 there are only 2 days (racism and armed forces) but there are 3 very important days that I will now describe in detail:

  • Day of Remembrance: available in all countries, it is similar to the day against racism, of course you know what it is (day to remember the victims of the Nazis in the extermination camps) in Italy and almost all over the world it is January 26 .

-Day of Remembrance: available ONLY in Italy as the extermination of the Yugoslav sinkholes is linked to Italians and Germans. In Italy it is February 10th

  • Liberation Day: available ONLY in Italy as the Americans landed in Syracuse and in 1946 it was established on April 25 to remember what fascism did in Italy and in the world

I sincerely hope that these 3 days will be added, I really care as I find Democracy 4 poor in laws after playing more than 5 mandates (it is my opinion).

Obviously every comment is welcome, even from you Cliff :slight_smile:

See you later


Hmmm…maybe could an event instead which boosts patriots. Cliff has been looking for ideas for positive events lately.

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